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Rick NeubigGood day everyone, and welcome to our website! I am truly honored to have joined the MSU Pharmacology & Toxicology department as its 4th permanent chairperson, following in the illustrious footsteps of Ted Brody, Ken Moore, and JR Haywood.

The department is a vibrant and exciting place. Our active research programs are bringing in  over $8M in NIH grant support this year which is a real achievement in the current NIH funding climate.  Much of it comes in large team-science projects which look to be the wave of the future of NIH and science funding. A creative approach to graduate education includes substantial on-line Masters programs. Also, the PhD curriculum has just been redone with both traditional as well as “flipped” classroom teaching models. A very active student association keeps the department lively (a recent example was the Halloween chili cook-off and pumpkin carving contest).

One significant initiative is a new Drug Discovery program supported by an Assay Development/Drug Repurposing core facility. This will complement the strong existing departmental cores (microscopy, molecular biology, tissue culture, animal surgery, etc.) as well as In Vivo Facility which already provides expertise and resources for preclinical drug-testing and industry contacts. The new core will be available to Pharm/Tox faculty members and others across campus as well. We will bring together faculty and students from multiple departments with interests in drug discovery. We are also recruiting two new junior faculty members for our program.

We hope that the new web site will make it easier to learn more about the exciting research and educational opportunities at MSU Pharm/Tox. Please contact us (phm@msu.edu) if you have questions or comments on the department and/or website.


Go Green!

Rick Neubig