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Ramya Kalyana Kumar, Ph.D. Ramya Kalyana Kumar, Ph.D.


Thesis Title: Sex-Differences In The Immune Axis Of Perivascular Adipose Tissues: In Health And Adiposity-Induced Hypertension

Advisor: Dr. Stephanie Watts


Jeremy Gingrich, Ph.D. Jeremy Gingrich, Ph.D.


Thesis Title: The Effects Of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals On Placental Development And Function 

Advisor: Dr. Veiga-Lopez 


Robert Freeborn, Ph.D. Robert Freeborn, Ph.D.


Thesis Title: The Role Of NRF2 Activation On The Murine T Cell Response To Influenza Infection

Advisor: Dr. Cheryl Rockwell


Kevin Baker, Ph.D. Kevin Baker, Ph.D.


Thesis Title: Mechanisms Regulating Tissue Factor:Factor VIIA-Dependent Coagulation In Liver Disease

Advisor: Dr. James Luyendyk


David Ferland, Ph.D. David Ferland, Ph.D.


Thesis Title: Chemerin As A Link Between Hypertension And Obesity  

Advisor: Dr. Stephanie Watts


Vanessa Benham, Ph.D. Vanessa Benham, Ph.D.


Thesis Title: Investigating The Mechanism Of Obesity-Associated Estrogen Receptor-Negative Breast Cancer To Identify Novel Agents For Chemoprevention 

Advisor: Dr. Jamie Bernard 


Di Zhang, Ph.D. Di Zhang, Ph.D.


Thesis Title: Applying Synthetic Chemistry And Nanoparticle Delivery To Enhance Drug Efficacy And Reduce Toxicity For Cancer Prevention And Treatment.

Advisor: Dr. Karen Liby


Bridget M. Seitz, Ph.D. Bridget M. Seitz, Ph.D.


Thesis Title: The Systemic And Regional Hemodynamic Changes Responsible For 5-HT7 Receptor Mediated Hypotension

Advisor: Dr. Gregory Fink


Evert Njomen, Ph.D. Evert Njomen, Ph.D.


Dual Ph.D. Major (Chemistry, Pharmacology & Toxicology)

Thesis Title: The Discovery And Characterization Of Small Molecule 20S Proteasome Activators: Implications In Proteostasis Disorders

Advisor: Dr. Jetze Tepe 


Janice Diaz-Otero, Ph.D. Janice Diaz-Otero, Ph.D.


Thesis Title: Endothelial Mineralocorticoid Receptors In Cerebrovascular And Cognitive Function In Angiotensin Il-Hypertension

Advisor: Dr. Anne Dorrance


Huijie "Jade" Feng, Ph.D. Huijie "Jade" Feng, Ph.D.


Thesis Title: Mechanisms Of GNAO1-Associated Neurological Disorders

Advisor: Dr. Richard Neubig


Kibrom Alula, Ph.D. Kibrom Alula, Ph.D.


Thesis Title: Effect Of High-Fat Diet On Sympathetic Neurotransmission In Mesenteric Vasculature In Dahl Salt-Sensitive Hypertension

Advisor: Dr. James Galligan 


Alberto Perez-Medina, Ph.D. Alberto Perez-Medina, Ph.D.


Thesis Title: Optogenetic Analysis Of Excitatory And Inhibitory Neurotransmission In The Enteric Nervous System

Advisor: Dr. James Galligan 


Vincent Shaw, Ph.D. Vincent Shaw, Ph.D.


Thesis Title: Understanding Specificity Of Small Molecule Inhibitors Of Regulators Of G-Protein Signaling (RGS) Proteins

Advisor: Dr. Richard Neubig


Elizabeth Williams, Ph.D. Elizabeth Williams, Ph.D.


Thesis Title: Androgen-dependent Excitability Of Mouse Ventral Hippocampal Afferents To Nucleus Accumbens Underlies Sex-Specific Susceptibility To Stress

Advisor: Dr. A.J. Robison 


Alexandra Turley, Ph.D. Alexandra Turley, Ph.D.


Thesis Title: The Role of NRF2 In The Activation Of Primary CD4 Cells From Mice And Humans

Advisor: Dr. Cheryl Rockwell 


Hoa Phan, Ph.D. Hoa Phan, Ph.D.


Thesis Title: Effects Of Human RGS2 Protein Mutations In Cardiovascular Disease

Advisor: Dr. Richard Neubig


Joseph Henriquez, Ph.D. Joseph Henriquez, Ph.D.


Thesis Title: Δ9- Tetrahydrocannabinol-Mediated Suppression Of The Interferon- α (IFNα) Response By Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cells And IFNα-Mediated Activation of T Cells In Healthy And Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Infected Human Subjects

Advisor: Dr. Norbert Kaminski 


Juliette Brown, Ph.D. Juliette Brown, Ph.D.


Thesis Title: The Role Of Lateral Hypothalamic Neurotensin Neurons In Adaptive Energy Balance

Advisor: Dr. Gina Leinninger 


Nadine El-Ayache, Ph.D. Nadine El-Ayache, Ph.D.


Thesis Title: Serotonergic Signaling At 5-HT 3 Receptors In Serotonin  Transporter (SERT) Knockout (KO) Rat, A Sex Specific Animal Model Of Visceral Hypersensitivity

Advisor: Dr. James Galligan