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Students Thrive on Mentorship and Internships

Consider offering your workplace for student and recent graduates to do internships. You'll be doing an important service to a young researcher, positively influencing your field, and because our students will arrive prepared by the best training available, you'll be doing your employer a favor. If you would like to mentor a current student or have an idea for an alumni event, please get back in touch with your alma mater.

Become Involved in Our Research by Giving

The research interests of our faculty vary widely from the effects of drugs and chemicals on macromolecules to their actions in humans. Researchers use laboratory animals, human and animal cells in culture, and other test systems to examine the cellular, biochemical and molecular processes underlying pharmacologic and toxic responses.

Our researchers published in excess of seventy (70) separate articles, book chapters, and abstracts in 2011

Among the subdisciplines are such diverse fields as:

  • behavioral and neuropharmacology
  • cardiovascular pharmacology
  • chemical carcinogenesis
  • drug biotransformation
  • drug receptor pharmacology
  • endocrine pharmacology
  • environmental toxicology
  • gastrointestinal pharmacology & toxicology
  • immunopharmacology & toxicology
  • neurotoxicology
  • pulmonary hepatic pharmacology & toxicology