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Theodore M. Brody Award

Theodore M. BrodyDr. Brody started his career at the University of Illinois Medical Center, focusing on pharmacology. After receiving his Ph.D., Dr. Brody & his wife Ethel moved to Ann Arbor in September to begin his academic career and to start building their family. While at the University of Michigan, Dr. Brody taught Biochemical Pharmacology, Pharmacy Pharmacology, and would often give medical school lectures. Dr. Brody spent over 100 hours per year in medical school laboratories. Other professional activities included serving on editorial boards, NIH study sections, attending various science meetings, publishing research, and writing grants.

In 1966, Dr. Brody was recruited to become the first Chair of the newly created Department of Pharmacology at Michigan State University. Dr. Brody and 6 others became the first faculty of Pharmacology at MSU. Ten years after founding the Department of Pharmacology, Michigan State University achieved national recognition in both teaching and research. Dr. Brody would go on to serve as chair for 20 years, continuing to add to his already established legacy.

Dr. Brody made many seminal research discoveries regarding the actions of cardiac glycosides. He co-authored numerous editions of a textbook now titled “Brody’s Human Pharmacology”. Dr. Brody received a Distinguished Faculty Award from MSU in 1984, and then in 1995 he received ASPET’s highest honor, The Torald Sollman Medal. When relaxing, Dr. Brody loved to Golf! He also enjoyed department events with an athletic focus, such as bowling and softball events. He was an avid Bridge player and would coach little league when he could. Dr. Brody was truly a member of the community.

When asked, Dr. Brody considered himself extremely fortunate to have lived in the “ Golden age of Pharmacology “.  

2017 Theodore M. Brody Distinguished Lecturer Awardee:

2017 Theodore M. Brody Distinguished Lecturer Awaredee










Graeme Milligan, Ph.D., FRSE, FmedSci

  •  Gardiner Chair of Biochemistry
  •  Institute of Molecular Cell and Systems Biology
  •  Dean of Research
  •  MVLS College Senior Management
  •  University of Glasgow

More information on Dr. Milligan

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