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PHM 813 - Cardiovascular Pharmacology & Toxicology*


Cardiovascular signal transduction and control in normal and pathophysiologic states.


  • Cardiovascular anatomy and physiology
  • Receptors and signaling pathways involved in the cardiovascular system
  • Cardiovascular toxicology
  • Hypertension/hypotension
  • Heart failure
  • Arrhythmias
  • Coronary artery disease
  • Pharmacological interventions
  • Current research findings in cardiovascular pharmacology


Undergraduate courses in biology and chemistry, or approval of department.

It is also expected that the student will have a basic understanding of physiology from previous coursework.

Recommended Textbooks

Contact instructor for textbook information.


Dr. William Jackson is the Director and Academic Advisor for the PSM in Integrative Pharmacology Program, and Professor and Acting Chairperson of Pharmacology & Toxicology. He holds a PhD from Michigan State University, and specializes in microvascular cell ion channel physiology and pharmacology, control of peripheral arteriolar tone and local control of blood flow.


Online Summer




  • MS/Pharmacology and Toxicology
  • MS/Integrative Pharmacology
  • Grad Cert/SafetyPhm

Sections available

  • 730 MSU program Students
  • 731 Lifelong In-State
  • 732 Lifelong Out-State