PHM 895


An on-site project that addresses a research, theoretical, or applied problem in whole-animal or organ level pharmacology, in cooperation with the students' employer or laboratory partner.

Recommended Background

All coursework for the PSM in Integrative Pharmacology should be completed prior to beginning the Applied Project unless there is Department approval to complete final courses concurrently with the Applied Project.

Recommended Textbooks

No textbook required; electronic materials utilized.


Dr. William Jackson is the Director and Academic Advisor for the PSM in Integrative Pharmacology Program, and Professor and Acting Chairperson of Pharmacology & Toxicology. He holds a PhD from Michigan State University, and specializes in microvascular cell ion channel physiology and pharmacology, control of peripheral arteriolar tone and local control of blood flow.


Online Fall, Online Spring, Online Summer


Variable (1-6)


  • PSM



Sections available

  • 730 (PSM Students only)