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PHM 351 - Fundamentals of Drug Safety


Introduction to commonly used drugs. Emphasis on over-the-counter medications and frequently prescribed prescription drugs. Selected natural products also will be covered. How commonly used drugs affect the body to treat or cure various conditions and how the body handles drugs. Principles of appropriate drug use and consequences of misuse.


  • How and why drugs are tested and monitored for safety.
  • The roles of the FDA, USDA, and EPA to ensure drug safety.


  • (BS 161 and BS 162) or (LB 144 and LB 145) or (BS 181H and BS 182H)
  • Open to juniors or seniors or approval of department.

Recommended Textbooks

  • None


Dr. Jane F. Maddox is the director of online programs in the department of Pharmacology and Toxicology.  She received her DVM from Michigan State University. Following a few years of private practice, she earned her PhD in Pathobiology from The Pennsylvania State University and held a postdoctoral position at Harvard.  Her research interests include inflammation and mechanisms of drug-induced liver injury.


  • Spring


  • 2


  • Undergraduate


  • Science

Sections available

  • 740 MSU program Students (hybrid course - on campus, online)