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PHM 819 - Principle of Drug-Tissue Interactions*


General principles relevant to the interaction of chemicals with biological systems. Topics include pharmacokinetics and/or pharmacodynamics.

Recommended Background

Undergraduate degree in biology, chemistry, or related field is recommended.


  • Absorption, distribution, metabolism and elimination of drugs/toxicants
  • Computation of pharmacokinetics and toxicokinetic parameters
  • Drug-receptor theories, their derivation and application
  • Calculating pharmacological parameters such as drug affinity, potency, efficacy from real and constructed experiments
  • Methods by which drug-receptor interaction can be measured
  • Application of drug-receptor theory to experimental and physiological situations
  • Introduction of cutting edge theories, techniques and controversies in the above fields

Recommended Textbooks

book cover

Principles of Pharmacology:
The Pathophysiologic Basis of Drug Therapy

(Golan, Armstrong, Armstrong. 4th edition. 2016.)

Course Section Descriptions


  • 730: degree students only.
  • 731: resident lifelong students
  • 732 non-resident/international students


Dr. Anne McLaren Dorrance photoDr. Anne McLaren Dorrance
earned her PhD at Glasgow University in Scotland. Her research interests focus primarily on hypertension and stroke and how hypertension affects structure and function of cerebral blood vessels. Her lab uses a wide variety of in vivo and in vitro techniques in an effort to correlate the damage caused by an ischemic stroke with the structure of the cerebral vessels.

Dr. Jamie Alan


Online:  Spring, Fall, Summer




  • MS/Pharmacology & Toxicology (Required)
  • MS/Integrative Pharmacology (Required)
  • Grad Cert/ SafetyPhm (Required)



Sections available

  • 730 MSU Graduate Students
  • 731 Lifelong In-State
  • 732 Lifelong Out-State