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PHM 828 - Concepts in Carcinogenesis*


This course will focus on the biology and molecular biology of carcinogenesis, with emphasis on mechanisms underlying the transformation of a normal cell into a frank malignancy. Additionally, cancer treatment will be considered.

The format will consist of guided, selected reading assignments from the required textbook plus research-based papers in the literature. Grades will be determined by the outcome of two examinations and a term paper based on a constructive, critical review of an aspect of carcinogenesis.


  • The nature of cancer
  • Cellular oncogenes
  • Growth factors, receptors and cancer
  • Cell signaling
  • Tumor supressor genes
  • Immortalization
  • Multistep carcinogenesis
  • Epigenetics and cancer
  • Genome integrity
  • Invasion and metastasis
  • Rational treatment of cancer


  • Approval from the Course Instructor. For additional information contact: Dr. Goodman (goodman3@msu.edu).
  • A graduate level course in biochemistry or molecular biology (e.g., BMB 801 or BLD 830) and PHM 819

Enrollment requires approval of the course instructor.

Required Textbook: 

book cover

The Biology of Cancer
(Weinberg. 2nd edition, 2014)









Dr. Jay Goodman photoDr. Jay Goodman received his PhD at the University of Michigan and performed his postdoctoral research at the McArdle Laboratory for Cancer Research, University of Wisconsin.

Research interests: Epigenetic mechanisms involved in carcinogenesis.


Online Fall




  • MS/Pharmacology & Toxicology
  • MS/Integrative Pharmacology

Sections available

  • 730 MSU program Students
  • 731 Lifelong In-State
  • 732 Lifelong Out-State