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PHM 854 - Leadership & Team-Building for Researchers*


NOTE: Not open to students who have taken PHM 454.

This course covers the core competences useful to future lab managers, scientists and healthcare professionals. The course emphasizes team and leadership skills, communication skills, and lifelong learning skills. Students use cases to evaluate current leadership models and various science team contexts. The course emphasizes reflective practice, a trait useful for all leaders, but especially for scientists and physicians. Students also learn to plan, set strategic goals and extend learning beyond the class.


  • Science teams and relationships
  • Strategic Planning & SMART goal setting
  • Evaluation of current leadership models
  • Science of Team Science (and Team types)
  • Employment laws and diversity
  • Speech delivery
  • Communication skills/conflict management
  • Change management
  • Lifelong learning & Team Cognition
  • Providing Feedback
  • Successful meetings

Recommended Background

Experience supervising others and/or participation in workplace teams is strongly suggested.

Not open to students with credit in CMBA 804, CMBA805, CMBA 806, or CMBA 832.

required Textbook

Lab Dynamics, 3rd editionLab Dynamics:
Management Skills for Scientists
3rd Ed.

Carl M. Cohen and Suzanne L. Cohen. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, 2018.


Christina Dokter

Christina Dokter, Ph.D., is a seasoned leader in various public health organizations.  She was President of the National Association of Local Boards of Health and was Vice Chair of the Board of Health for Ingham County.  She serves on several Georgia state organizations such as the Opioid Task Force and the Opioid Prevention Work Group for the GA Department of Public Health.

She holds a PhD in Adult Learning/ Education Administration, a discipline that involves the study of leadership and organizational change.  Having worked both at a medical school as well as at a science department, she provides contexts pertinent to science/health leadership and teams.  As a certified Human Resources Specialist, she brings a wealth of knowledge about policies/laws pertinent to the workplace.  She is also as a seasoned leader in Toastmasters International and brings a wealth of practical knowledge about speech delivery. 


Online Spring




  • MS/Pharmacology & Toxicology 
  • MS/Integrative Pharmacology 



Sections available

  • 730 (Pharm/Tox MS-PSM Online Students Only)