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PHM 895-Applied Integrative Project*


An on-site project that addresses a research, theoretical, or applied problem in whole-animal or organ level pharmacology, in cooperation with the students' employer or laboratory partner. Students must write a paper (~20-25 pages in length) about the project, including appropriate introductory information, statistical analyses, discussion, and reference list.

Recommended Background

All coursework for the MS in Integrative Pharmacology should be completed prior to beginning the Applied Project unless there is Department approval to complete final courses concurrently with the Applied Project.

Recommended Textbooks

No textbook required; electronic materials utilized.


Students will work with their academic advisors and work supervisors for design and approval of applied projects. Academic advisors will review preliminary drafts of the paper and other faculty will also review the final paper for performance evaluation.


Online Fall, Online Spring, Online Summer


3 credit minimum required


  • MS/Integrative Pharmacology



Sections available

  • 730 (Integrative Pharmacology students only)