PHM 980 / 735 - Current Topics in Pharmacology & Toxicology for MS Students


Current Topics in Pharmacology & Toxicology
This course is intended for online MS students seeking to explore and better understand pharmacology and toxicology topics that have gathered recent attention either in scientific or popular arenas. Explanations for scientific or societal attention, pharmacological and/or toxicological foundations, and related regulatory policies will be explored.

Journal articles and/or articles from reputable non-scientific sources will be selected in initial weeks by faculty, then subsequently by students, for posting and discussion on D2L. Students are expected to read articles and post substantive responses /opinions and contribute additional(related) published material. A final short summary (1-2 pages) of the topic the student found most interesting, or learned most about, is also required.



Course Topics

Will be selected by faculty and students. Potential topics are listed below:

  • Poisoning of spies and dissidents: What? How? Who?
  • The Flint, MI lead water crisis: Health consequences? What caused it? Fallout?
  • Performance enhancing drugs: anabolic steroids to ADHD medications
  • Fentanyl: a therapeutic opioid turned illicit killer – why/how?
  • Drug shortages: Which drugs? Causes?  Consequences?
  • What is CRISPR/Cas-9 and how is it related to pharmacology and/or toxicology/research?
  • The explosion of biologic drugs: do increased efficacy and/or reduced adverse effects balance increased cost?
  • Glyphosate (Roundup©): Toxicity in humans and insects? Differing effects when combined with other chemicals? Lasting environmental effects?

Course Information


  • PHM 819 or PHM 450 and approval of department required
  • Course Number: PHM 980/735 (online)
  • Sections Available: 735 / Online MS Students only
  • Semesters: Fall 2018
  • Credits: 1 credit

Successful completion of this course will count as 1 credit of science elective toward the MS degree. It may not substitute for either of the required 2 credits of PHM 980 section 799, Special Problems in Pharmacology and Toxicology (writing your final/capstone review paper).


Fall 2018




  • Online Graduate / MS