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PHM 982-MS Capstone Literature Review*




is replacing PHM 980, “PROBLEMS”

The University recently approved curricular changes to the online MS programs in Pharmacology and Toxicology for students admitted fall semester 2018 and later. These changes will not affect students admitted to the programs prior to FS18. However, in conjunction with the program changes, a new course name and number was created for the required final review paper. This new course (PHM 982, MS Capstone Literature Review) will replace “PHM 980, Problems”.

Starting FS18, all MS students, regardless of program admittance date, will enroll in PHM 982, instead of enrolling in PHM 980, to earn credit for the final paper.

PHM 982 was created to reduce confusion about the nature of, and credits available for, the course in which MS students enroll to earn credit for the final paper. The “PHM 980, Problems” designation is a catch-all course with many different sections. It serves many purposes, including individual laboratory projects, experimental courses, and, until now, the MS final review paper. Thus, many online MS students have become confused because variable (1-5) credits were shown in the Schedule of Courses, when only 2 credits counted toward the MS degree for the final review paper.

The new course name/number, PHM 982, MS Capstone Literature Review, is listed as a variable 1-2 credit course. Thus, you may divide the required 2 credits across two semesters, if this division is what works best for your schedule. However, the requirement remains unchanged at 2 credits for the final paper. We will update the curricular requirements to substitute 2 credits of PHM 982 for the required 2 credits of PHM 980, as is currently listed in curricular requirements for students admitted prior to FS18.

All requirements regarding the final paper, including format, communications with your advisor, etc., remain unchanged. The D2L community “PHM 980 Instructions and Submissions” will undergo a minor name change to “PHM 982 Instructions and Submissions”. We will gradually introduce updates to the documents in that site to reflect the change to PHM 982. If you have a DF grade remaining in PHM 980, don’t worry. The DF grades will be retroactively assigned numerical grades in PHM 980, as usual, as long as you complete the work within 1 year of receiving the DF grade.

Please contact your advisor if you have any questions about the new course name and number. Please recognize that we might continue to refer to PHM 980 out of habit after summer semester, but PHM 982 will be the official course number for the final paper. We are confident that this new course name and number will decrease confusion in the future, so thank you for your patience during the transition.


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