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PHM 982-MS Capstone Literature Review*


PHM 982 MS CAPSTONE LITERATURE REVIEW replaced PHM 980 PROBLEMS in fall semester 2018

As of fall semester 2018, MS students, regardless of program admittance date, are required to enroll in PHM 982 instead of PHM 980 to earn credit for their final review paper.

PHM 982 was created to reduce confusion about the nature of, and credits available for, completing the final paper.

PHM 982 MS Capstone Literature Review, is listed as a variable 1-2 credit course. You may divide the required 2 credits for the degree across two semesters, if this credit division is what works best for your schedule. A deferred (DF) grade is required until your paper is complete and reviewed for a grade, but this does not affect your GPA.

All requirements regarding the final paper, including format, communications with your advisor, etc., are unchanged from the PHM 980 format.

Please contact your advisor if you have any questions about the PHM 982. 


  • Fall

  • Spring

  • Summer


MS/Pharmacology & Toxicology (required)

MS/Integrative Pharmacology (required) (or PHM 895)

Core / Final

Sections available

  • 730