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Lifelong Education

Individuals not formally admitted to an MSU program may take courses as a Lifelong Education student without typical admissions requirements (GRE, application fee, transcripts, etc).

Lifelong Education is a great option if you:

  • are in the process of applying to one of the MS programs, but want to take courses immediately
  • want to experience a course prior to committing to a program
  • are interested in a single course as opposed to a program
  • have never taken an online class
  • want to take an on campus course as a lifelong student


Please refer to the Student Accounts page for current tuition rates.


The Admissions Committee does consider graduate coursework in making determinations. However: the Department of Pharmacology & Toxicology cannot guarantee you a seat in a program, even if you have successfully completed some of its courses as a Lifelong student. Up to 9 Lifelong credits may be converted to graduate credit if accepted to a program, provided they are approved courses.

To Apply for Lifelong Education Status

You may apply immediately by submitting an online application.

Professional Development

The Department of Pharmacology can support your professional development regardless of where you are in your career. If you are a nursing, pre-med, or other undergraduate seeking an edge in your program, or if you are an accomplished biomedical researcher seeking business and management skills, we have a course for you.

  • Leadership and business courses for doctors and veterinarians, and mid-career biomedical researchers
  • Graduate Programs - Ph.D. MS and PSM
  • Lab training opportunities for graduate students and post-docs
  • Workshops beneficial to laboratory technicians and post-doctoral researchers
  • On-campus undergraduate research opportunities
  • Professional development courses that will prepare scientists and non-scientists for managerial positions in biomedical research and pharmaceutical industries. Learn about our online program.