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Ariana Acosta Estrella

Ariana Acosta Estrella

Ariana Acosta Estrella

I was born and raised in San Juan,
Puerto Rico. Moved to New Jersey to pursue my bachelor's degree at Rutgers University where I majored in Public Health and minored in Chemistry and Women and Gender Studies. I currently work as a Clinical Research Coordinator for Clinical Trials at Columbia University Irving Medical Center/New York Presbyterian in the Center of Advanced Cardiac Care. My research studies focus is Heart Failure, specifically in the Sponsored Trials Division. In the past, I worked as a Cosmetic Chemist for L’Oréal as well as worked in a laboratory conducting basic science research in Neurotoxicology. The online MS Program at MSU has allowed me to access world-class education while still working fulltime in the healthcare field. This has contributed to my professional advancement and career growth since I have gained knowledge in many areas I did not consider before such as: Intellectual property laws, biomedical business models, product development, grant processes and budgets, and the ins and outs of clinical trials. Receiving this Fellowship allowed me to enroll in the Cardiovascular Pharmacology and Toxicology course that will cover topics in cardiovascular toxicology, receptors and signaling involved in the cardiovascular system, and pharmacological interventions to treat cardiovascular diseases. 

I am currently located in Manhattan, New York and really love taking advantage of all the different restaurant options in the city. On weekends, I always love a getaway trip from the city to go hiking and be in nature. As a Puerto Rico transplant, I love being by the water and try to go back home as often as I can. I am looking forward to returning to my yoga and pilates classes at the studio and bringing home our labradoodle puppy!