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Melanie Butler-Gauthier

Melanie Butler GauthierI have had the pleasure of deepening
my knowledge of pharmacology and toxicology through MSU’s Pharm/Tox MS program since the fall of 2019.  It has been a wonderful experience to study
my passion and to apply what I have learned towards my career in the biotech industry. My education and professional experience have served to complement one another, which has allowed me to further develop my skills as a scientist. The course materials were presented through both academic and industry lenses, which was particularly beneficial when learning key concepts and their applications in drug development. This program has been instrumental in my professional growth and undoubtedly enhanced my ability to contribute to the development of genomic therapies for rare diseases. My drive to become a Project Toxicologist has only strengthened over the course of my graduate studies. With MSU’s guidance, I truly believe I have found my place within the scientific community!