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Tamara Salazar

Tamara SalazarMy name is Tamara Salazar.  I hail from the beautiful state of Idaho, where I work as a Forensic Toxicologist.  Like many Idahoans, I enjoy potatoes and the great outdoors.  Idaho has so much to offer in terms of beautiful forests, mountains, and wildlife, it is hard not to get out and experience it!  Of course, experiencing such sites is better with family and friends; one of which is posing with me in this picture, my Great Dane, Sjofna (Jof-na).  Traditional archery is a shared hobby in my family.  My parents, brother, and I often have friendly competitions through target practice, and I must say, I am a pretty good shot.  

When I entered the Master of Pharmacology and Toxicology program, I wanted a way to pursue further education without giving up my career or leaving the state I love.  I was fortunate to discover what Michigan State University had to offer and remain fortunate to experience and be a part of the Master of Pharmacology and Toxicology program.  While the courses have been challenging, they have also been fulfilling. In addition, the online learning environment has provided me with the flexibility I need to succeed both professionally and academically.  I have learned so much from my courses and professors and have been able to apply that new knowledge directly to my career in forensics.  I look forward to continuing in this program and learning even more in the coming semesters!