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Required Courses

Courses required by the doctoral graduate program are intended to provide a solid background upon which to build an understanding of pharmacological and toxicological concepts. Biochemistry courses serve as this background and are taken during the Fall and Spring semesters of the first year. The minimum acceptable grade point average to maintain graduate student status after the end of the spring semester of the first year is 3.0.

  • PHM 801 -Fundamental Principles of Pharmacology & Toxicology (2 credits)
  • PHM 802 – Cellular, Molecular, and Integrated Systems Pharmacology & Toxicology (4 credits)
  • PHM 816 - Integrative Toxicology: Mechanisms, Pathology & Regulation
  • PHM 830 - Experimental Design & Data Analysis (3 credits)
  • PHM 910 - Seminar Discussions of Current Topics (1 credit)
  • PHM 999 - Doctoral dissertation research (24 credits minimum required to graduate, 36 credits maximum)

And, two courses, one from each of the following groups:

  • Group one: PHM 827, PSL 828, PSL 829
  • Group two: BMB 801, BMB 802

Elective Courses

Students are not required to take elective courses, unless their committee recommends them. Students are encouraged to take electives in advanced areas of pharmacology, toxicology and other disciplines that complement their research interests.