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To apply for the Minor, please fill out this form.


The Minor in Pharmacology & Toxicology is designed to provide a coherent set of courses to introduce science-oriented students to the fields of pharmacology and toxicology. 

The Minor requires completion of 18 credits from the course list below. 

The Minor will not have any “unique” courses; course credits used to satisfy the requirements for the Minor in Pharmacology & Toxicology may also be used to satisfy requirements for a student's major.  Please consult your major advisor if you need further clarification.

Courses available to satisfy the requirements for the minor can be traditional in-class lecture courses, some are online courses, and others are hybrid courses (in-class and online).  You can see a course detail list to work out the details of your course plan.

Students must complete at least 18 credits distributed in the following manner:

Required Courses (6 credits)

  • PHM 450  Introduction to Chemical Toxicology (3 cr)
    and either
  • PHM 350  Intro to Human Pharmacology (3 cr) 
  • PHM 430  Human Pharmacology (3 cr)

Elective Pharmacology in Context Courses (2 or 3 credits)

  • PHM 211  Pharmacology and Society (2 cr)
  • PHM 454  Leadership & Teams for Scientists (3 cr)

Elective Science Courses (as necessary to equal a total of 18 credits)

  • PHM 321  Pharmacology of Common Drugs (3 cr)
  • PHM 351  Fundamentals of Drug Safety (2 cr)
  • PHM 422  Fundamentals of Neuropharmacology (2 cr)
  • PHM 431  Pharmacology of Drug Addiction (3 cr)
  • PHM 461  Tropical Medicine Pharmacology (2 cr)
  • PHM 480-001  Special Problems (Research) (1-3 cr)
  • PHM 480-002  Special Problems (Neurological Disease) (2-3 cr)
  • PHM 483-730   Anti-Microbial Chemotherapy (3 cr)
  • PHM 487  Current Topics in Pharmacology and Toxicology (2 cr)
  • ZOL 450-001  Cancer Biology (3 cr)
  • CEM 419-001 Pharmaceutical Chemistry (2 cr)
  • SST 464  Statistical Methods for Biologists (3 cr)


To apply for the Minor, please fill out this form.