Drug Discovery: Alan Smrcka, Ph.D.

  • Apr 5, 2017
  • Seminars
Topic: Small Molecule Manipulation of G Protein bg Subunit Signaling: Identification and Application
Date: Friday, April 28th 2017
Time: 9am
Place: B448 Life Science Building

Our laboratory has identified a number of small molecules that bind to Gbg subunits and selectively modify signaling responses downstream of GPCRs that signal at least in part through Gbg.  I will discuss the initial discovery and validation of prototype compounds and application of compounds that inhibit Gbg signaling in animal models of therapeutics, with a focus on inflammatory disease.  I will also discuss our latest results using a Gbg activating compound to reveal novel mechanistic roles for Gai signaling in cell migration and adhesion.  Finally I will discuss our progress on screening for novel chemical scaffolds for Gbg modulation that could become leads for pharmaceutical development.