Mark Reimers, Ph.D., Michigan State University

Michigan State University 
Topic: Issues in analysis of dynamic optical imaging data
Date: Wednesday, October 5th 
Time: 12 to 1 p.m.
Place: B448 Life Science Bldg
Host: Copple 
Abstract: The BRAIN initiative is one of the biggest scientific programs explicitly aimed at gathering data, specifically aiming to measure functional activity in living brains at high resolution. Although several technologies are being developed for this program, the most promising technologies are the high-throughput optical imaging technologies, which generate high-resolution stacks of images of brain activity, up to terabytes of data per
experiment. However the statistical methods and computational infrastructure to analyze and interpret these data are largely undeveloped. This talk will discuss three kinds of issues in analyzing optical data. These issues are: pre-processing to remove artifacts and reduce noise; exploratory analysis and visualization; and characterizing dynamics and variation. I will discuss technical challenges, and promising approaches. We think that addressing these issues will be fruitful for a number of areas of investigation of biological dynamics for the coming decade.