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Large Equipment Core

Large Equipment Core B303 and B409:

Sorvall wX+Ultra Series:

Sorvall WX Ultra machine
Sorvall WX + Ultra centrifuge achieves up to 100,000 rpm.


Plus lightweight and fatigue-resistant Thermo  Scientific™  Fiberlite™ carbon fiber rotors

Intuitive, easily accessible touch screen interface and imbalance tolerance to accelerate run set-up





Sorvall RC 6+

Sorvall RC 6+ machine
Sorvall RC 6+ centrifuge achieves speeds—up to 22,000rpm/55,200 × g for faster separations and increased productivity.


Exceptional leading acceleration and deceleration rates deliver significant time savings and increase throughput.

Broad selection of rotors includes:

Centrifuge is compatible with many Sorvall RC-6 and RC-5 series rotors for added cost effectiveness.

Rotors are compatible with Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ bottles and tubes for complete centrifuge solutions.


Beckman Coulter Optima Max Ultracentrifuge 130,000 RPM

Beckman Coulter Optima Max Ultracentrifuge 130k RPM
The Beckman Optima MAX Ultracentrifuge is a microprocessor-controlled tabletop system that generates high centrifugal forces for a variety of high-speed applications.

The Optima Max high-speed series can be used for a variety of applications, including pelleting membranes, proteins, viruses or DNA and also separation of DNA or proteins on density gradients.

The Beckman Optima MAX Ultracentrifuge runs at 5,000 to 130,000 rpm in 1,000-rpm increments.,

The Beckman systems are automatically secured to the drive hub through the self-locking rotor attachment, which is audible by a click sound.



Bacterial Shakers

ppendorf New Brunswick I24 / I24R  – Compact Biological Incubated Shakers 
New Brunswick Scientific Classic Series C24 Incubator Shakor (Left)
Eppendorf New Brunswick I24 / I24R  – Compact Biological Incubated Shakers  (Right)

Eppendorf New Brunswick I24 / I24R Incubated Shakers features:

  • Wide temperature range of the I24: 7 °C above ambient to 60 °C. (for the I24R: 15 °C below ambient to 60 °C).
  • Powerful fan and heater provide rapid heat up and temperature recovery after door opening.
  • Provides the ability to calibrate the speed and temperature directly through the keypad.
  • Accepts a wide variety of flasks up to 2.8 L in volume.

New Brunswick Scientific Classic Series C24 Benchtop Incubator Shaker FEATURES:

A Proportional/Integral (PI) Microprocessor controller with instantaneous digital feedback controls the speed over a range of 50-400 rpm.

It also provides temperature control over a range of 7°C above ambient to 60°C. The shaker may be operated either continuously or in a timed mode via a programmable timer for shaking periods of 0.1 hr. to 99.9 hrs.

Thermo ScientificTM MaxQTM 5000
Thermo ScientificTM MaxQTM 5000 Floor Model Shaker.

Thermo ScientificTM MaxQTM 5000 Floor Model Shaker Features:

  • Easily accommodate six 4L flasks, four 6L flasks or six 2800mL Fernbach flasks
  • Wide temperature range: 10°C above ambient to 60°C on incubated models, 15°C below ambient to 60°C on refrigerated models
  • Monitor and control chamber temperature range with ±0.1°C accuracy at 37°C
  • Overtemperature safety feature with independent thermostat provides additional backup by controlling heat if main temperature controller fails
  • Triple eccentric drive handles heavy loads, uniform agitation and continuous 24 hr. operation, even at high speeds
  • Drip pan built into the chamber floor under the platform contains spills
  • Clear, scratch-resistant lid for sample viewing
  • With foot pedal for hands-free operation and retractable casters for portability
  • Optional shelf provides additional storage space and convenience when switching flasks
  • Access ports provided through side of cabinet wall for probes, thermocouples or sensors
  • Optional gassing manifold enables direct gassing into flasks for anaerobic cultures


Click here for Cryostat model information.

Thermo Scientific Cryostat HM 525 for low volume sectioning.
Thermo Scientific Cryostat HM 525 for low volume sectioning.
Thermo Scientific Cryostat HM 550 for high volume sectioning.
Thermo Scientific Cryostat HM 550 for high volume sectioning.