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2019 ASPET Fellows

Drs. Richard Neubig, Kenneth E. Moore, & Annette E. Fleckenstein have been named 2019 Inaugural ASPET fellows! 

ASPET recently announced a new Fellows Program to honor our most distinguished members. Selection as a fellow of the American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics (FASPET) is an honor bestowed on ASPET members who have demonstrated excellence via their overall contributions to pharmacology and the Society. Learn more about the FASPET program

Both Dr. Moore & Dr. Neubig have served as Department Chairs (Dr. Neubig is current Chair), ASPET Presidents, and along with Dr. Fleckenstein are now inaugural ASPET fellows! 

Dr. Fleckenstein graduated from our PhD program in 1994, with Dr. Moore serving as her mentor. 

See the complete class of 2019 ASPET fellows