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Congratulations: Dr. Jackson, new paper in Journal Applied Physiology.

Regional heterogeneity in the reactivity of equine small pulmonary blood vessels

Alice Stack, Frederik J. Derksen, Kurt J. Williams, N. Edward Robinson, William F. Jackson
Journal of Applied Physiology Published 15 March 2016 

Excerpt: "Regional differences in large equine pulmonary artery reactivity exist however, it was not known if this heterogeneity extended into small vessels. The hypothesis that there is regional heterogeneity in small pulmonary vessel reactivity to sympathomimetics and a parasympathomimetic was tested using wire myography on small vessels from caudodorsal and cranioventral lung of horses, and results demonstrate significant regional heterogeneity in reactivity comparing caudodorsal with cranioventral vessels of the equine lung."

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