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How managing a chronic illness gave me skills that would strengthen my PhD

Our very own Olivia Favor (PhD Student with the Lee & Pestka Labs) was featured in Nature: 

"I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (T1D) when I was just 16 months old. The disease prevents my pancreas from producing its own insulin, so a normal day involves puncturing my body with lancets every few hours, performing calculations on the fly to convert carbohydrate levels into insulin doses, and constantly worrying about how insulin doses and physical activity are affecting my blood sugar levels. On some days, it doesn’t require much effort to keep these stable. On others, my diabetes takes me on a rollercoaster ride of headaches, shakiness, fatigue and frustration, despite my best efforts to tame it.

But when I began my PhD in 2018, I realized that my chronic illness had prepared me well for a graduate programme. Here’s how..." 

Read more @ Nature.com