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Thank you to all who helped support our #GiveGreenDay campaign!

In case you missed it: on Tuesday, December 3, Spartans near and far came together, raising over 3.3k to impact current and future Spartans on Give Green Day.

Thanks to:

  • Richard Neubig
  • Susan Barman
  • Gregory Fink
  • Bradley Robinson
  • Beverly Dickinson
  • Carolina Restini
  • Peter Cobbett
  • Andrea Doseff
  • William Jackson
  • Heather Defeijter-Rupp
  • David Juckett
  • Yukun Yuan
  • Bryan Copple
  • Adam Lauver
  • Aaron Fullerton
  • Neera Tewari-Singh
  • Hui Xu
  • James Galligan
  • Jamie Alan
  • Darlene Whitman
  • Leon Bruner
  • Anne Dorrance
  • Wendy Rohen
  • Douglas Eikenburg
  • James Luyendyk
  • Jane Maddox
  • Jay Goodman
  • Erica Sparkenbaugh
  • Steven Lindley
  • Jeremy Prokop
  • Robert Roth
  • Patricia Ganey
  • Phil von Voigtlander

for your donation in support of the PharmTox program!

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