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Anne Dorrance, PhD Anne Dorrance, PhD
Interim Chair, Professor 
B440 Life Sciences
Phone: 517-353-7145
Email: dorranc3@msu.edu
Heather deFeijter-Rupp Heather deFeijter-Rupp
Core Facility Manager
B442 Life Sciences
Phone: (517) 884-8023
Email: rupph@msu.edu
Beverly Dickinson Beverly Dickinson
Research Administrator II / Fiscal Officer
B432 Life Sciences
Phone: 517-884-8089
Email: dickin10@msu.edu
Patricia Gregory Patricia Gregory
B440 Life Sciences
Phone: 517-353-7145
Email: pgregory@msu.edu
Bradley Robinson Bradley Robinson
Administrative Assistant I/S, Assistant to Dept. Chair 
B440 Life Sciences
Phone: 517-353-7145
Email: robin454@msu.edu
Wendy Rohen Wendy Rohen
Accountant II
B432 Life Sciences
Phone: 517-884-0410
Email: rohenwen@msu.edu
Stephen Stofflet Stephen Stofflet
Academic Program Coordinator (MS Program and Undergraduate Minor)
B440 Life Sciences
Phone: 517-884-0409
Email: stoffle1@msu.edu
Darlene Whitman Darlene Whitman
Unit Human Resources Administrator I/S
B440 Life Sciences
Phone: 517-884-6590
Email: whitma36@msu.edu
Jake Wier Jake Wier

Education Program Coordinator (PhD Program and IPSTP Training Grant)

B305 Life Sciences (W, Th), 2240E BPS (M, T, Fr)

Phone: 517-353-9619 (W, Th), 517-353-9845 (M, T, Fr)

Email: wierjake@msu.edu