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* = Indicates labs that are training graduate students and/or Post-docs. The availability of training slots in these labs is dependent on the funding status of the PI.

Colleen Hegg, Ph.D. Colleen Hegg, Ph.D.
Associate Professor *
Email: hegg@msu.edu
Sachi Horibata, Ph.D. Sachi Horibata, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor 
Precision Health Program
Email: horibat2@msu.edu
Brian P. Johnson , Ph.D. Brian P. Johnson , Ph.D.
Assistant Professor *
BioMedical Engineering
Email: bjohnson@msu.edu
David A. Juckett, Ph.D. David A. Juckett, Ph.D.
Professor (Fixed Term)
Email: juckett@msu.edu
Norbert E. Kaminski, Ph.D. Norbert E. Kaminski, Ph.D.
Professor *
Director – Institute for Integrative Toxicology
Director – Center for Research on Ingredient Safety
Email: kamins11@msu.edu
Masamitsu Kanada, Ph.D. Masamitsu Kanada, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor *
Institute for Quantitative Health Science and Engineering
Email: Kanadama@msu.edu
Teresa R. Krieger-Burke, D.V.M., Ph.D. Teresa R. Krieger-Burke, D.V.M., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor (Fixed Term), Research Scientist, InVivo Facility
Email: kriege29@msu.edu

Jack Kottwitz, DVM, PhD CERTAQV Jack Kottwitz, DVM, Ph.D, CERTAQV

Assistant Professor 
Large Animal Clinical Sciences | Pharmacology & Toxicology
Email: kottwitz@msu.edu

Adam Lauver, Ph.D. Adam Lauver, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor *
Email: lauverda@msu.edu
Ana Mendes Leal, Ph.D. Ana Mendes Leal, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Email: mendesle@msu.edu
Kin Sing Stephen Lee, Ph.D. Kin Sing Stephen Lee, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor *
Email: sing@msu.edu
Karen Liby, Ph.D. Karen Liby, Ph.D.
Professor *
PhD Program Director
Email: libykare@msu.edu
James P. Luyendyk, Ph.D. James P. Luyendyk, Ph.D.
Professor *
Institute for Integrative Toxicology
Email: luyendyk@msu.edu

Sangbum Park, Ph.D. Sangbum Park, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor *
Department of Medicine – Division of Dermatology
Email: spark@msu.edu
Carolina Restini, PharmD, M.S., Ph.D. Carolina Restini, PharmD, M.S., Ph.D.
Assistant Professor (Fixed Term)
Email: restinic@msu.edu
Cheryl Rockwell, Ph.D. Cheryl Rockwell, Ph.D.
Associate Professor *
Email: rockwelc@msu.edu