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* = Indicates labs that are training graduate students and/or Post-docs. The availability of training slots in these labs is dependent on the funding status of the PI.

Carolina Restini, PharmD, M.S., Ph.D. Carolina Restini, PharmD, M.S., Ph.D.
Assistant Professor (Fixed Term)
Email: restinic@msu.edu
Cheryl Rockwell, Ph.D. Cheryl Rockwell, Ph.D.
Associate Professor *
Email: rockwelc@msu.edu
Robert Roth, Ph.D. Robert Roth, Ph.D.
Email: rothr@msu.edu
Neera Tewari-Singh Neera Tewari-Singh, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor*
Email: tewarisi@msu.edu
Nathan Tykocki, Ph.D. Nathan Tykocki, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Pharmacology & Toxicology

Location: B436 Life Sciences
Phone: (517) 432-8227
Email: tykockin@msu.edu

Fields of Interest: My research focuses on urinary bladder physiology, with specific emphasis on the mechanisms responsible for the sensation of bladder fullness. Tykocki Lab Website: https://tykocki-lab.com/