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Collaborative Projects

Our department has a number of collaborative research groups, including:

The NIEHS EPA Superfund Group

The NIEHS EPA Superfund Group, a highly integrated, multidisciplinary research program investigating the environmental, microbial, and mammalian biomolecular responses to environmental contaminants that act as ligands for the aryl hydrocarbon receptor.

The NHLBI Program Project Group

The NHLBI Program Project Group focuses on understanding venous function in the disease of hypertension. This group represents individuals from multiple departments and programs of MSU, and uses an integrative scientific approach to test scientific hypotheses that examine the role of venomotor tone in hypertension, its modulation by the hormone endothelin (ET-1), dependence on reactive oxygen species and the sympathetic nervous system. Our experimental approach includes gene array, genetic, biochemical, tissue and whole-animal techniques, striving for a truly integrative approach.

The Respiratory Research Team

The Respiratory Research Team is interested in understanding chronic respiratory disease mechanisms and responses to environmental insults, and developing subsequent prevention and cure strategies. Asthma has reached epidemic proportions with an estimated 20 million people afflicted. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) afflicts approximately 15 million Americans and is projected to become the third leading cause of death by 2020.